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BALOO – Born 12/5/17 M. Baloo is a beautiful 70-pound, owner surrendered, light golden boy. He is housebroken, very sweet, loving and enjoys playing with toys indoors, especially a Kong. Baloo also enjoys cuddling, ear rubs and belly scratches. Baloo was vet checked after surrender and seen by a neurologist as well.  Upon MRI it was noted that Baloo has a ruptured disk at T9/T10 which impairs the signal to his hind legs. You wouldn’t know that Baloo has any trouble until you watch closely when he walks in front of you and notice that he drags his hind legs very slightly. It is thought that this will improve as his spinal fluid appears to be regenerating. Before Baloo was surrendered he showed some reactivity when being pushed but now we know that Baloo was hurting from his spinal injury. Baloo needs help getting in and out of taller vehicles, but he has no problem getting into a sedan and loves to go for rides.  A doggie ramp may really help if you have a taller vehicle! Baloo should be kept from any movement that requires twisting and needs to be in a home with NO DOGGIE SIBLINGS.  Baloo is better suited for an experienced family familiar with dogs and their behavior. Baloo likes to go on walks and is doing great now that his foster family got him a harness.  A physical fence is preferred for Baloo but an invisible fence MAY be considered with professional training for first time users. Training classes are MANDATORY for Baloo with a paid receipt for registration presented at the time of adoption. Baloo gets sad when his family leaves and will need to be confined to a small area of the home without countertop temptations, curtains or rugs to gnaw on. Baloo gets very excited when his family does return home which is the only time he will jump on you so he is still learning his manners. He will also let you know that he missed you when he grabs your arm or your clothing with his mouth.  Baloo isjust a mouthy boy when he wants to remind you how much he loves you! For this reason, Baloo is better suited to a family with children over the age of 13.  Baloo sleeps on the floor unless his foster family invites him to sleep on the bed. Everyone who meets Baloo falls in love with him! He enjoys treats as positive reinforcement when he successfully responds to commands. Baloo is always thirsty, drinks a lot and eliminates often but he is a good boy and will let you know when he has to go outside. There is no history with cats.