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6 Golden Puppies & Mom Rescued from Puppy Mill


"Sadie",  "Sophie", "Tootsie", "Dolly", "Matilda" & "Fannie Bea"


"Tia",  age 4 1/2 

All are in the process of getting their first vet visits and shots, along with any follow-up care their first exams reveal. 
Stories about each one coming soon.

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Sadie Fund
Dolly Fund
Tia Fund
Luna 2 Fund
Luna 2 VIP List
Bill & Cheryl Brody

Scout's VIP List
Mark White
Marsha Toth
Stu & Ann Vosk
Christofer Michaels
Lynn Sevo
Anthony Toco
Patrick Hammer
Scout Secret Donor
Bob & Linda Young
Phil Burns
Scout Secret Donor
Robert & Jean Knurek
Judith & William Bradley

Sophie Fund
Jaxie Fund
Jaxie's  VIP List
Stu & Ann Vosk
Linda McMurray
Carol Pawlowicz
Jaxie Secret Donor
Elaine Flood
Jaxie Secret Donor
Mary Lou Wietfeld
Robert & Jean Knurek
Maureen & Ka,es Budny

Rosie's VIP List
Karen Ross
Stu & Ann Vosk
Cheryl Robb-Genevich
Rosie Secret Donor
Sandra Barnowski
Kathy Cleveland
Robert & Jean Knurek
Judith & William Bradley

Tootsie Fund
Fannie Bea Fund
Toby's VIP List
Cathy Jo Stevens
Stu & Ann Vosk
Toby Secret Donor
David & Paula Darin
Toby Secret Donor
Robert & Jean Knurek
Rickey & Gail Higginbotham
Bob & Diane Darwood

Bear was found on the streets of Detroit.   Read his story.
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For ALL GRRoM Dogs in Need
Cora & Al Lengeman
Mary Redilla
Lois & Dennis Nollen
Cam & Barb Miller