Golden Retriever Rescue of Michigan            

Golden "Tails"
We are happy to share some wonderful golden stories with you.  
We hope you enjoy reading these heart-warming stories.
Welcome Home Blue!
Happy 2nd Birthday Rosie
Rosie celebrates her 2nd birthday with her golden "bestie", Jilly Bean!
The girls spent the morning selecting their favorite party outfit and enjoying a salon brushing 
and massage while their moms picked up their favorite birthday cakes and planned the party 
events at Jilly's house.  It was lovely! 
Meet Macie & Roxie
Adorable best friends... 
Corey Family COVID Survival

Logan - has been carrying Mabel around
Brayden - Gaming all day / everyday
Neal - working from home, never wearing shoes
Pam - hair always in a knot, missing baseball and protecting toilet paper stock!
Happy Birthday Scout!
Welcome Home Dublin!
Welcome Home Scout!
Happy in his "fur-ever" home!
Welcome Home Houston!
We are happy to announce Houston's adoption to Michelle Thomas, Houston's foster Mom. 
Merry Christmas to this happy boy and his new family!
Happy 3rd Birthday Finley!