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Paws N Play
 In-home Training
Obedience Training
Agility Training

Wag 'N' Tails Dog

Activity Center

Wag 'N' Tails  has partnered with GRRoM to provide discounted training classes.



Community Rewards Program

You can earn rewards for yourself & for GRRoM by joining Kroger's community rewards program and name GRRoM as the designated non-profit!

I Love
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Calming Caps for Dogs
Calming Caps have many useful applications, including reducing reactivity toward people and other dogs, reducing stress in dogs. When placed over the dog's eyes, the cap limits, without entirely blocking, visual access to the environment.
Pet Insurance Resources
Use this great resource to compare 12 of the best pet insurance companies!

Positive Impact for Pets

Keeping Pets & Loving Owners United

PIP believes that by giving owners the resources nd assistance they need, shelter and rescue overcrowding can be greatly reduced! 

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CALL:  517-618-4729


The American Heartworm Society
Click here to read about the disease and treatment of heartworm.

We all need to know the information contained in this article! 

The Golden Retriever

Club of America

National Rescue Committee

... a terrific resource for information about

Golden Retrievers & Golden Retriever Rescue Groups.